Create an Account - Getting Started

USDA Federal Employees, Contractors, & Affiliates

If you are a USDA Federal Employee, Contractor, or Affiliate of the USDA, you must register for a USDA Internal Account.

Register for an Internal Account

USDA Customers - What Level of Access Do You Need?

Request Level 1 Access to:

  • Visit a USDA web page that indicates a Level 1 account is necessary
  • Obtain general information about the USDA or its agencies
  • Participate in public surveys for a USDA agency
Register for a Level 1 Account

Request Level 2 Access to:

  • Submit official business transactions via the Internet
  • Enter into a contract with the USDA
  • Submit forms or applications for the USDA via the Internet
Register for a Level 2 Account

Changing from Level 1 Access to Level 2 Access

If you already have a Level 1 account and require Level 2 access:

  1. Log into your profile
  2. Fill in and submit the required information
  3. Verify your Identity remotely by following the instructions on the “Level 2 Account Upgrade Request Confirmation” email, or visit a Local Registration Authority (LRA)
Log into Your Profile

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